Chicharito Hernández

The conditions that Gerardo Martino will put on Chicharito Hernández to return to El Tri

The forward did not withdraw from the National Team and wants to return
martes, 6 de abril de 2021 · 13:10

Javier Hernández' one of the best players in Mexican soccer, not only today, but also of all time. Owner of a unique talent, Chicharito quickly won the affection of the fans for important scores. However, his present is not the best: afflicted by several injuries and with family problems that affect his performance, Gerardo Martino decided to remove him from the National Team even without being able to count on Raúl Jiménez, out due to injury.

Gerardo Martino and Javier Hernández.

This Monday, Chicharito gave an interview to TUDN and, in addition to making it clear that he wants to regain his best form in the Los Angeles Galaxy, he also sent a message to Tata: I haven't retired from the National Team, the day I didn't I want to go to a selection I'm going to retire, let's imagine that in this process, we're going to talk about it even if I don't like it, in this process I would have gone there that I already retired, things that I no longer wanted to be in would have been confirmed the selection. I've been saying it, until the day I don't want to play for a national team, I'll retire, or the coach will know that I don't want to go".

In due time, he also added: "At the end of the day I'm not closed but I also know that last season was a bitch for me, it was very bad, but I also want to leave this behind, maybe people will stay with this but also It's, as always, and part of the show, there have been other players who have had a bad season and they have endured them, I had a very bad season and they did not put up with me, and I do not say it for the coach himself, I say it in general So there are times, we got this cart, we had to walk around with this but I obviously have the green one because it's there, hopefully I can keep going, that I can keep scoring goals but I will do what is in my hands which is to give a very good season so that it can help and maybe it can be contemplated in a way and if not, it is no longer in my hands".

The conditions of Gerardo Martino

With these statements, in which he makes it clear that he wants to represent the country again, what conditions does Martino put on him for this to happen? First, that he is healthy. Last season in MLS he was only able to play 12 games in which he scored 2 goals, practically nothing for a franchise player who came to the LA Galaxy to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Another point that Chicharito must correct is his behavior outside the field of play. It's known that he isn't living the best moment of her with Sarah Kohan, the mother of her two children, since they're separated and the Mexican wants to make her fall in love again. But that family problem should not transfer him onto the field, he must leave it out if he wants to play in El Tri again.

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