Lionel Messi

Ciro Messi surprised everyone in the tribute to Lionel Messi

The Argentine's son participated in the tribute to his father
martes, 6 de abril de 2021 · 15:48

Lionel Messi received a well-deserved tribute after reaching a new record for Barcelona in Spain. Days ago, La Pulga became the footballer who played the most times for the club with a total of 768 games. And at Cam Nou, prior to the match against Valladolid for the 29 date of the Spanish La Liga, the Argentine was recognized.

Messi received a signed framed shirt and posed with the entire squad behind a poster with his figure and the record achieved. Then it was the turn of a family photo, with Antonela Roccuzzo and her three children, who burst onto the playing field and were also portrayed.

Unlike what usually happens with Mateo Messi, the middle five-year-old son, this time it was Ciro (3) who took the leading role. Thiago (8) and Mateo approached to congratulate his father and calmly positioned themselves next to him, but not the youngest, who threw himself on the grass and they couldn't control him.



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