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聲gel Di Mar燰 opened the doors of PSG to Lionel Messi

Fideo spoke about the importance of having La Pulga in the French club
lunes, 5 de abril de 2021 · 14:48

Friends are friends and if they can share a team, all the better. Lionel Messi hasn't yet renewed his contract with Barcelona, so several teams are interested in hiring them. One of them is Paris Saint-Germain. In the French cast, in addition to coach Mauricio Pochettino, midfielder Leandro Paredes and forward Mauro Icardi, there's also an Argentine who is a close friend of La Pulga. This' 聲gel Di Mar燰, who in the last hours opened the doors of PSG to the Catalan club player.

Lionel Messi and 聲gel Di Mar燰.

"Having Messi as a teammate would be something wonderful", says the former Real Madrid player, among others. There's a close relationship and constant communication. "But today Leo's a Barcelona player and has a contract, we'll see what happens in the summer... I talk to him a lot and I always tell him that what matters is his happiness and that of his family. It's difficult at this time to say otherwise", Di Mar燰 explains.

Messi ends his contract at Barcelona and Laporta has proposed to try everything so that he agrees to continue. PSG's one of the teams that appear on its horizon, but not the only one.

Di Mar燰 suffered a violent robbery at his home in March while he was playing a game. Regarding this criminal event, Fideo commented, in statements to BeINSports, that "my wife is improving, she was a little bad for a few days, but it is normal. It isn't easy to recover from something like that. But I'm happy here, the most important thing's that my Family feels good. I love Paris. The city's incredible, wherever you look, it's still beautiful. I felt it from the moment I arrived, from how people welcomed me. My dream's to win the Champions League with Paris Saint Germain".

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