Chicharito Hernández

Did Chicharito Hernández regret leaving Europe and joining MLS?

Surprising statement from the Mexican forward, who is living his best moment in the Los Angeles Galaxy
viernes, 30 de abril de 2021 · 11:34

One of the most important attackers in the history of Mexican soccer is Javier Chicharito Hernández who is currently in the Los Angeles Galaxy, in a great start in MLS, where he scored five goals in two games played. On the other hand, the player trained in Chivas of Guadalajara commented that he had a hard time leaving Europe since he returned to the American continent at an early age.

In general, the returns of footballers to their country of origin or their departure from the most important leagues of the old continent often occur when retirement is closer than to continue within a playing field. This seems to be the case of the attacker who, shone in Manchester United and Real Madrid, arrived in Major League Soccer in 2020.

However, Javier Hernández confessed in the last hours that it was very difficult for him to return to America since he considered that he was still at an age to continue at a high level in Europe. "It was difficult for me to leave Europe, it cost me so much because I think I had something to give further, I did not come at 38 years old, I came at 31, my father had his best season at 34", Chicharito said on TUDN.

And he added: "These types of opportunities do not occur twice, the age in which he came was combined, the best club in MLS, the family stage in which he was, and the platform was also combined and what the League sees. In me, you leave the Galaxy, for which I am deeply grateful, it is the League, it is the country, these opportunities do not happen twice".

Chicharito Hernández has a great start in MLS

It should be remembered that, in the 2021 season, Javier Hernández had a great start because he has scored five goals in two games. The next Los Angeles Galaxy game is against the Seattle Saunders on Sunday at 8pm.

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