Sergio Agüero

Neither Barcelona, PSG or MLS: Sergio Agüero already has a new team

The Kun surprised everyone with his decision
sábado, 3 de abril de 2021 · 13:55

Since last Monday, the date on which he announced that he was leaving Manchester City, there have been many rumors about Sergio Agüero's sporting future. That he goes to Barcelona because of his friendship with Lionel Messi, that he moves to PSG, that he goes to MLS and they even linked him with Chelsea and Tottenham, two of the historic teams in the Premier League.

Sergio Agüero at Marbella Vice.

However, this Saturday the Argentine forward surprised by announcing his new destiny. In the run-up to the match against Leicester for the British tournament, the Argentine confirmed that he signed with Marbella Vice, an E-Sports team whose creator is his friend Ibai Llanos.

It's a collaborative server in which about 150 people will participate with the intention of role-playing in GTA V. Marbella Vice arrives with the intention that the best streamers, along with a series of luxury guests, attract practically everyone the audience and generate engaging, high-quality content.

But this isn't all, Ibai, with his particular sense of humor, presented another luxury addition to his team that is nothing more and nothing less than Erling Haaland, a forward for Borussia Dortmund valued at 180 million euros, which is claimed by Real Madrid, Liverpool and Barcelona.


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