Sergio Agüero

Neither Barcelona nor PSG: The club that is close to signing Sergio Agüero

In England they assure that the Argentine forward intends to continue in the country where he shone
sábado, 3 de abril de 2021 · 05:00

Some are encouraged to define it as the most outstanding transfer of the transfer market that's coming if Lionel Messi finally continues in Barcelona. Sergio Agüero already knows that he will change teams after a decade and his status as a free footballer made him one of the most valuable gems to obtain in the upcoming transfer period. 

Sergio Agüero.

His name sounded in Barcelona and also in Paris Saint Germain, but from England they assure that the way is paved for him to continue in that country: Chelsea "is in a privileged position" to agree on the hiring of Kun, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail in the last hours.

The aforementioned media assures that the 32-year-old Argentine attacker would have a "preference to stay in the Premier League since he believes that he still has a lot to give in this country" and points to The Blues as the best located within that board of stakeholders. as it is one of the few teams that could "pay the salary of more than more than 13 million pounds", about 18 million dollars.

Although he mentions that Manchester United and Liverpool have the financial resources to face their payment per season, these teams are not at the table for different reasons: Agüero would not go to the historic rival of City and Liverpool has as a priority to invest in a defender central.

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