Lionel Messi

"I want to win the World Cup for Lionel Messi, not for me"

A colleague of La Pulga in the National Team spoke about the group objective
sábado, 3 de abril de 2021 · 03:00

The great moment that Emiliano Martínez' going through at Aston Villa in England means that the possibility of becoming the starting goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team isn't a chimera. The former Arsenal has a total of 14 unbeaten hurdles so far this Premier League season and is one short of matching the club's all-time record.

Lionel Messi.

But beyond the recognition that he could obtain for what has been done in the last time, what draws most is to have the chance to help Lionel Messi to win that title that he so deserves with the Argentine national team.

"I would be happier if he wins a Copa América or a World Cup than I do. Winning a title with the National Team is the only thing he lacks in his career. He's the one who won the most in the whole world. Everyone wishes that he wins it, just for the fact that he is Lionel. For me it would be a pleasure and an honor to conquer something with him on the court. It would be something incredible for those of us who play with Leo", he commented in a chat with the EFE news agency.

And about the possibility that Scaloni will give him the chance to be the team's first goalkeeper, he added: "As a goalkeeper I have to try to defend all the balls because I know that Leo's going to put one in. It's as if you have a car and he You put the turbo. When a ball comes to me I have to put the turbo to give him the chance to score. For me it would be an honor. The possibility's there, but just for playing in the Premier I'm not going to go with Argentina. I have to prove weekend after weekend that I can be in the Selection".

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