Barcelona has a "plan B" in case it cannot sign Erling Haaland

The Catalan club will try to make great incorporations
sábado, 3 de abril de 2021 · 07:00

Barcelona wants to shape its ideal team to conquer Europe again and it knows that for that it will have to pay out several million and go out on the market in search of a scorer with a future. Culé's priority is to incorporate Erling Haaland, although there are several leaders who don't see him favorably due to his high value. Faced with this economic brake, in the last hours the door was opened again for an old acquaintance: Lautaro Martínez

Lautaro Martínez.

According to the Sport medium, the Argentine striker from Inter is the second option they are considering in Barcelona if the negotiations with the Norwegian net breaker from Borussia Dortmund don't have a good outcome. El Toro had already sounded strong last season to play at the Camp Nou, although his arrival was finally ruled out due to differences in numbers with the Italian team.

Beyond that, the contacts that continued to be maintained with their environment allowed Barca to have the certainty that the former Racing Club's still willing to wear the Blaugrana shirt and share the attack with Lionel Messi, his teammate of the Argentine National Team, if is that he decides to continue after June 30.

Hiring him would present much less pitfall than that of Haaland, because the Nerazzurro is going through a delicate financial present and needs to get rid of some of his figures next European summer.

From inside Barcelona they're convinced that the final price of the Bahian will be significantly lower than the 111 million euros that they highlighted in their exit clause. That's why, in relation to cost-quality, Martínez appears as a great reinforcement. However, he still doesn't meet the consensus between the club's sports area and Ronald Koeman, who already ruled out Sergio Agüero a few days ago.

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