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This will be the new Santiago Bernabéu of Real Madrid

Images were known of how the Spanish stadium will be
jueves, 29 de abril de 2021 · 17:37

All Madridistas are eager to see their team play again at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which was already one of the most wonderful football venues in the world but since March 1 of last year it has been remodeled to become the most spectacular sports venue. of the planet. While the works progress, there is a video that awakens the enthusiasm of the fans.

The Avaldesign website, which creates scenarios in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 video game, has released images of what the new Real Madrid stadium will look like when it is finished. It is a video in which a flight is simulated over the completely finished structure.

It is an aerial view of the metal roof that will cover the entire Santiago Bernabéu, which bears the legend "Real Madrid" on two of its four sides. They also included a nighttime simulation that showcases what the stadium would look like in the dark.

A few weeks ago, the club shared images of the placement of the structures that will be located on all four sides to support the external cladding. They reportedly weighed 800 tons, measured 144 meters long and took six and a half hours to place.

When is the Santiago Bernabéu reigning?

The New Santiago Bernabéu is expected to be ready for use in October 2022, if the initial work planning deadlines are met. The stadium was inaugurated on December 14, 1947, expanded in the early 1990s and remodeled again in the early 2000s. Now a complete cladding with a retractable roof is underway, as well as the integration of a hotel, a center commercial and underground car parks, among other innovations.



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