Neymar Jr. in Fortnite: athletes arrive at the Epic Games game

The Brazilian joins the popular video game
martes, 27 de abril de 2021 · 07:00

As anticipated in mid-March, when the arrival of the new Fortnite season was confirmed, Epic Games announced that Neymar Jr., the Brazilian star, will be added to the countless roster of characters in the game. The PSG player and the Brazilian national team will be available to users who have purchased the battle pass starting this Tuesday, April 27, in a basic version with a football shirt, and will offer an alternative version or "primitive form" according to the ad, which is unlocked by completing missions. 

The missions that will have to be completed to enable the different costumes and skins and the alternative accessories are:

  • Talk to a football player from the island

Island soccer-loving characters. Start a conversation! Unlock the Soccer Ball emote and a Neymar Jr. banner.

  • Complete 3 island football player missions

A good player always helps his teammates. Unlock Neymar Jr.'s Crack Loading Screen

  • Complete 5 island football player missions

Become a true ace of the ball. Unlock Neymar Jr.'s costume.

  • Kick the soccer ballat a distance of 500 meters like Neymar Jr.

Fortnite meters, it is understood. Unlock the Joia Trophy backpacking accessory.

  • Score a goal with the soccer ball lile Neymar Jr

This can be done even asleep. Unlock the Jaguar Strike Pickaxe.

  • Eliminate 3 opponents like Neymar Jr.

Complete this objective to free the primitive self within...

Once all these missions are completed, the game will offer a series of additional challenges whose rewards are not as juicy as new suits, but they will undoubtedly keep captive players dedicated to unlocking everything Fortnite has to offer and getting the most out of the Battle Pass.

Epic also announced two special events to celebrate the arrival of Neymar Jr. to the game: a series of special arenas created by the community in Creative Mode in which various accessories can be used, and the Neymar Jr. Cup, which delivers as a prize a series of custom loot for the primitive form to the best players in each region.

Although the Creative Mode arenas will be open to all players, to participate in the Neymar Jr. Cup, which begins on Wednesday, April 28, certain requirements will have to be met: “Players will be able to compete in up to 10 games within the period of three hours from your region”, the ad explains.

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