European Super League

"Juventus was eliminated by Lyon, Porto and Ajax... What are they doing in the European Super League?"

Cristiano Ronaldo's team receives a very harsh criticism
martes, 20 de abril de 2021 · 13:59

Criticism continues in the world of football for the creation of the Super League. Most of the protagonists in the football of the old continent, are against the competition that has as protagonists its twelve creative teams: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham. Several characters have come out to criticize these clubs, claiming that they "ended football".

Others, such as Norway coach Stale Sabakken, directly attacked Juventus pointing out that it should not be part of the European Super League by questioning that its level isn't so high lately.

"In the last three years, Juventus have been eliminated by Lyon, Porto and Ajax. The other day they lost to Atalanta, they have only two points more than Napoli and they risk not qualifying for the next Champions League. What the hell are you doing in the Super League?", were Sabakken's words for, against the team in which Cristiano Ronaldo plays.

It should be remembered that the creation of the new Super League occurs when the global pandemic has accelerated the instability of the current economic model of European and world football. For years, the Founding Clubs have aimed to improve the quality and intensity of existing European competitions and, in particular, to create a tournament in which the best clubs and players can compete against each other more frequently.

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