James Rodríguez

James Rodríguez: The ordeal he lived in Real Madrid

The Colombian told details of the situation he experienced in the Merengue
viernes, 2 de abril de 2021 · 05:00

James Rodríguez, who hasn't played for Everton for more than a month, spoke with ESPN and confessed that he had everything ready to play for Atlético of Madrid after his departure from Bayern Munich, but that it was Real Madrid that finally didn't leave him. The Colombian also assured that he has great goals with the Toffee team and that he dreams of playing the Champions League again, since he didn't like to see it on television.

James Rodríguez.

"In Madrid I played little, especially in the second period. After leaving Bayern Munich, I had everything ready to go to Atlético of Madrid, but Real Madrid did not let me", were the statements of the '10' of the Colombian National Team when he asked him about his time in the meringue outfit. Initially, the mattress team was talked about as the new destination of the Cucuteño in 2019, but finally he returned to the table directed by Zidane.

On the current situation of him with Everton

James spoke about his difficult year in terms of non-continuity of play due to his constant physical discomfort: "It has not been an easy year for me due to physical problems. But I know that when I am well, the team is well. I have made it clear good to the club, to my teammates. I want Everton to show good football, although it's difficult here because all the teams are very competitive".

Play the Champions again, main objective

"This team is about to get into European competitions. If I'm good, the team looks good. That is our goal, this year I saw the Champions League on TV and I didn't like it at all, because I had been playing it since 2012 in a row. I didn't play it. with Monaco and from there I played every year".

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