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America vs Cruz Azul: Pavel Pardo surprised by saying his candidate

The idol Azulcrema predicted how the match will turn out
viernes, 16 de abril de 2021 · 12:26

America prepares to receive Cruz Azul in a new edition of the Clásico Joven, for matchday 15 of Guard1anes 2021 of Liga MX. A clash with history in Mexican soccer and with a slight advantage for the Águilas in the history, which will take place this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Central Mexico. But not only because of history it's a special match, but also because they are the first two teams in the standings.

Pavel Pardo.

Pavel Pardo, former footballer of the Azulcrema team and one of the greatest references in history, provided his forecast for the hot game of the weekend, surprised everyone by publicly stating that he sees Juan Reynoso's team as more solid, although he also rescued the strengths of Santiago Solari.

In dialogue with the YouTube channel of the journalist Javier Alarcón, El Babe assured that he expects a close and passionate game where both teams, fighting for the lead in the regular season standings, propose an attack game and situations of goal.

“Well, look, I see two teams that have been the most regular, América and Cruz Azul. Personally, I like teams to win, like and win. But one of the most important things for coaches is tactical discipline, and both teams have had it, but I see Cruz Azul as more solid, he knows what he wants, he knows that it is a team that when it attacks it does so with danger”, He explained.

“América has partly recovered important players and they seem to have rejuvenated, such as Roger Martínez, Córdova, Fidalgo. I would like to see a game where both of them go out to attack, because of these games many times there is expectation and then nothing happens”, he added.


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