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Messi's wife: the death that saddens Antonela Roccuzzo

La Pulga's wife and a very sad moment
jueves, 1 de abril de 2021 · 03:00

The story's as sad as a movie: a 31-year-old girl dies of uterine cancer, but a week before her son is born, gestated through the surrogacy system, and she is holding him. Before she died, she told her father: "I lived surrounded by a lot of love, I was very happy". The young woman is called Sofía Sarkany, daughter of Ricky, the Argentine shoe designer who was a partner of Antonela Rocuzzo, the wife of Lionel Messi, and Sofía Balbi, the wife of Luis Suárez.

Sofía and Ricky Sarkany.

"You always did only what your heart said would make you happy. And so you made us all happy. I had the immense privilege that you are one of our daughters. The pride of saying: 'I am Sofia's father.' to your sisters who also teach me every day", said Ricky Sarkany in a message on his social networks after his daughter died in a Miami clinic.

Sofia was the eldest of four sisters and had dedicated herself to designing handbags and shoes. He had been diagnosed with cancer in 2018. "Thank you for teaching us together with Graciela to be parents. For giving me the opportunity to be for a short time your teacher and, from then on, your student and admirer", added Sofía's father. in his emotional public letter.

Felix's birth was scheduled for Sunday, March 28, but it was brought forward a week, which allowed Sofia to meet her son and hold him before she died. Clara, 22 years old and Sofía's younger sister, also expressed herself on social networks with admiration and gratitude to her sister.

"How does life go on without you? A whole life together, my companion of absolutely everything, my accomplice, my sister, my best friend and my clone. I am eternally grateful to have chosen me as your sister, it is an honor (. ..). You left when your favorite song was playing, and we gave you massages, we gave you kisses, we sang and we chatted. So are you. Full of love. Thank you for so many magical moments, my little sister. You are a fighter, a wise man and a person full of kindness and love. Fly very high. Paint the sky with your passion and rest that you gave everything and more! We will see each other again".

Ricky Sarkany, Sofía's father, was a partner of Rocuzzo and Balbi in a store with his brand that opened in 2017 on the emblematic Avenida Diagonal, in Barcelona. The venture did not last long and was closed in 2019. "At this time they need to dedicate themselves to their newborn children and put all their energy into the family", Sarkany explained to Infobae at the time.

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