Sergio Agüero

Barcelona: Sergio Agüero broke the silence and spoke about his future team

The forward will not continue at Manchester City next season
miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2021 · 19:37

The news that Sergio Agüero will not continue in Manchester City after June generated great repercussions in the world of football. There are many clubs that want to have the Argentine for the next season. Even Independiente called him with the dream of hitting the lap. For now there is nothing defined; However, in the last hours the Kun referred to his future.

The forward caught on to a stream with Ibai Llanos to play Among Us and fans began asking him questions on the Twitch chat. Annoyed by the insistence, the Argentine National Team player warned: "I'm not going to talk about anything. Don't put team bullshit on me, we're playing Among Us".

This action doesn't make it more clear that he is upset with his departure from the English club, where he is an absolute idol and that he does not want to think about anything in the short term, only focus on the last games with the Citizens' shirt, before signing in a new European team.

Let's play

After the forceful answer for those who wanted to know where he will play, Kun was asked how he was doing. "I'm fine, playing a little bit," he said calmly. Sergi Roberto, a Barcelona player, and Thibaut Courtois, a Real Madrid goalkeeper, participated in the stream.

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