Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry made a drastic decision

The Frenchman made an announcement that surprised everyone
sábado, 27 de marzo de 2021 · 07:00

Social networks have recently become "a double-edged sword." On the one hand they serve so that different athletes can get closer to their fans, but they also tend to receive many grievances from "NN". In this sense, the former French striker Thierry Henry, world champion with his team in 1998, revealed today that he decided to leave the internet social networks for their "intolerable levels of racism and bullying".

Thierry Henry.

"I will return only when the people who run the platforms watch over them with the same zeal with which they take care that copyright rights are not violated", said Henry, 43, on his Twitter account, which he will permanently cancel tomorrow.

The former player of Arsenal (England), Juventus (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain, where he was a teammate of Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano), has 2.3 million followers on Twitter, where he claimed that the problem of hatred and racism isn't ignored.

"It's very easy to create an account and use it just to annoy anyone without suffering the consequences, protected by anonymity. There is an intolerable level of racism and bullying that represents mental torture for the victims and represents a problem too toxic to not take it into account", he said.

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