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Premier League star returning to the club of his love?

The player is not taken into account and analyzes his future
sábado, 27 de marzo de 2021 · 13:59

There's no doubt that Racing Club has well covered the arc with the present of Gabriel Arias, and in fact the fans consider it a guarantee under the three sticks. However, the dream of many fans is also to see Sergio Romero again with the Academy goalie diver, and in the last hours speculation began with a possible return of the Manchester United player. Yes, it seems that Chiquito's thinking of going back...

Sergio Romero.

It turns out that the president of Racing, Víctor Blanco, shared a meal with Romero's agent, who is free at United in the middle of the year, and when the image of the conclave went viral, the illusion of the possible return of the former goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team was born . The meeting between Blanco and Kristian Bereit, representative of Chiquito, took place in a restaurant in Puerto Madero, where the parties discussed, among others, the present of a 34-year-old soccer player who knew how to make his debut in the First Division in Racing.

Reality indicates that Romero will end his relationship with the Red Devils on June 30 and has decided to leave, because he is increasingly relegated in the consideration of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær and has not added minutes since August of last year, for the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

A viral image

Faced with his imminent departure from United - in fact, he has already put his house in Cheshire up for sale - his agent shared a meal with the top leader of the Academia and published an Instagram story that quickly went viral in the vicinity of the Cylinder. A story that could end with a happy ending, if Romero decides to wear the colors of the Academy again. Anyway, taking into account the economy of Argentine soccer, it is not ruled out that Romero bet on staying a while longer in the Old Continent.


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