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Why did Ronaldo Nazario retire? The curious life of Real Madrid's legend

Ronaldo Nazario was one of the greatest figures in the world of football. His name will be written in all football books, for the rest of history, but few know why he retired.
jueves, 25 de marzo de 2021 · 03:00

Ronaldo stated that since announcing his retirement, his life has been changed by many things. "I have spent my life playing soccer, being the protagonist, and now I will not be anymore. I will not play on Sundays or Wednesdays and I will miss it. Last year I played little because of injuries. They were not important, but something always happened to me, and I played little. I did it with discomfort. I was tired of suffering, of reaching the field and it was no longer decisive. I no longer had the speed of before, he tried to dribble and did not arrive before the defender", he commented.

Ronaldo said that "there were many things to come to the conclusion that I should leave him. It was hard because I have spent my whole life playing football: suffering, with defeats, with victories". "I had been preparing to leave football. Now I will be with my company, following the career of footballers," he said, although he specified: "I don't want to compete with representatives, there are already many. What I am doing in Brazil is taking care of and continuing the career advertising, the image of the player. It is an important sector, which is going to generate a lot of money. In Brazil there will be a World Cup in 2014 and many things can be done".

"The first week, after announcing it, I tried three times to go to the gym to exercise. And at the last moment I backed off, because I thought I had trained enough in life. I was tired. Soon I will do it again. because I have been an athlete and I will always continue to be", added the Brazilian.

Finally, he was asked if he has any physical consequences to his life as a professional footballer, Ronaldo commented: "I have had many. Now that I am in many meetings I see how executives, when they are seated, cross their legs and bend the knee. And I can not!". When asked if he had to choose between Sandro Rosell, president of Barcelona, ​​and Florentino Pérez, of Real Madrid, Ronaldo replied that he would always choose Florentino. 


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