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"Memory, truth and justice by Diego Maradona"

Diego Jr, Pelusa's eldest son, spoke after receiving Argentine citizenship
jueves, 25 de marzo de 2021 · 13:22

This Thursday marks the fifth month of the death of Diego Armando Maradona and the questions about what happened to Pelusa are growing. In that sense, Diego Armando Maradona Jr., the eldest son of the former footballer, asked for "memory, truth and justice" for the death of his father and promised that he will "fight until the last day" for that goal, in an interview exclusively with the Télam news agency in Rome, where he received Argentine citizenship. 

Diego Jr and Diego Maradona.

"Memory, truth and justice: we want the three things for my father. I will fight until the last day of my life for that", said Maradona Jr., 34, in relation to the death of the star that is the subject of investigation by part of the San Isidro Prosecutor's Office.

"I believe that justice has its times and I do not want to rush anyone, I want things to be done well", he added about the development of the cause for the death of the soccer star, on November 25. Maradona Jr. received Argentine citizenship on Thursday, in a ceremony at the consulate in Rome, in a "tribute" to his father that filled him with "pride".

"It's a pride to be able to be Argentine. It moved me a lot, it's something that I always dreamed of, that I felt I had to do it", said Diego Jr. after the act in which Foreign Minister Felipe Solá, the ambassador to Roma, Roberto Carlés, and the consul general in the Italian capital, Ana Tito.

Diego Jr. closely follows the investigation into the death of Diego Maradona

"I have been pending from day one", he said when asked about the progress of the investigation into the alleged crime of wrongful death, in which the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz, the coordinating physician are charged. Nancy Forlini and the nurses Dahiana Gisella Madrid, Ricardo Almirón and Mariano Perroni (coordinator).

"In Argentina there is my lawyer, Dr. Rey, who supports me in this fight. I am aware of everything that is happening, but it is not up to me to say who was the culprit, if there was one", he analyzed with Télam in the Italian capital.

The file contains wiretaps and WhatsApp audios among the members of Maradona's medical team that reveal serious irregularities in the treatment of his clinical picture and his addictions.

"If there was a culprit, I cannot say ... Yes, we are going to support the investigations and we are going to contribute everything we can", he assured, differentiating himself from his sisters Dalma and Gianinna, who point directly to the responsibility of the lawyer Matías Morla and the accused.

"My father will always have his children that we are going to defend him. We want to know what happened to him and the reasons why he left", he emphasized.

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