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Carlos Vela destroys Zlatan Ibrahimovic and surprises MLS

Carlos Vela has had an enviable career in professional football, and he has had the pleasure of beating Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a personal milestone.
miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2021 · 08:00

Carlos Vela, forward of Los Angeles FC, revived the rivalry he had with today's Milan attacker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who during his time at LA Galaxy had a great pique, which reached the crossroads of statements, especially on the part from the Swedish. However, Vela recently explained in an interview with ESPN that he managed to beat Ibrahimovic when both competed in MLS, although that did highlight that the presence of the Swede in the League made him motivated to give everything in each game.

"Yes, I think that in the end playing against high-level players makes you demand more of yourself, that you always try to be better than someone. I had to be with him (Ibrahimovic) fighting and I had to win. I think I took the prizes that I had. in a fight and it did me good. This year we have to look for new goals and new rivals", confessed the Mexican striker.

The truth is that the Mexican had a big peak with Ibrahimovic in 2019, and just in that season, the Mexican was chosen the MVP of the tournament, pulverizing the Swedish goal mark, after he made 35 goals and 15 assists with Los Angeles FC. This, without a doubt, must not have liked the Swede at all, who, it is worth noting, also did his merit to keep this recognition.

Anyway, nobody can argue what Zlatan represents as a footballer. Although in this case he had to lose, his name will be forever written in football books, and in the highest of the history of world sport. However, nobody takes away the dance from Carlos Vela, who can always enjoy having beaten one of the greatest.


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