Tecatito Corona

Tecatito Corona devalues in Porto and will price much less in the next transfer market

The Mexican player will have the exit clause changed
martes, 23 de marzo de 2021 · 18:15

Although Porto still has important commitments, such as the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals against Chelsea and the final stretch of the Primeira Liga, the board began to be alerted by what will be the development of the summer transfer period. Especially because Jesús Corona would be an important protagonist of it.

Jesús Corona.

Sevilla of Spain and Chelsea of England have already expressed, on repeated occasions, their intentions to have the footballer emerged from Rayados of Monterrey in their squad. And according to the data that came from Portugal, in two months it could be the moment thanks to a special provision in the Mexican player's contract.

According to the information published by the media outlet SIC Noticias, the termination clause of Tecatito will have a considerable reduction during the months of May and June. In short, the team that wants to hire him would only have to pay 20 million euros in that period of time.

"The offer" for the Mexican player would end in July. And, once the 2021/22 season has started, it would be valued again at € 30,000,000. Without a doubt, taking into account his present, it will be a great opportunity for all the cadres of the Old Continent who want a multifunctional lane.

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