Héctor Moreno

Héctor Moreno's wife: Who's Irene Martínez and her best photos

The Mexican player has an extensive relationship with the Spanish model and businesswoman
martes, 23 de marzo de 2021 · 12:00

Héctor Moreno's currently one of the pillars in the backbone of the Mexican National Team. For years he has become one of the figures of Aztec football and, to a large extent, he has achieved this thanks to the support of his partner: Irene Martínez, who has been by his side for many years and with whom he even had a his daughter Mine.

Irene, as she defines herself on her Instagram profile, is a "businesswoman since the age of 23" and a businesswoman. She's 35 and was born in a town near Barcelona. She there she carried out her preliminary studies, she worked as a model in a nightclub and, at 21, she moved to Ibiza to continue in it.

At 23 she opened her tourism agency in Barcelona called Mosquete Viajes, where she organized tours for high-net-worth clients to metropolises such as New York, Paris or Tokyo. It was in the capital of Catalonia where he met the defender.

The best photos of Irene Martínez 


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