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Jürgen Klopp already has Georginio Wijnaldum's replacement in Liverpool

The coach knows that he will not have the Dutchman next season
lunes, 22 de marzo de 2021 · 06:00

There's no doubt that Liverpool is one of the most important teams on the planet, which is why it surprised more than one when it became public knowledge that the club would be interested in acquiring an Argentine player. Jürgen Klopp knows that he could lose an important player in the middle of the court such as Georginio Wijnaldum, so he was already thinking about replacing him. 

Rodrigo De Paul's a figure in Udinese.

The Dutch Wijnaldum would go to Barcelona, according to the Sunday Times, so the Reds have the idea of bringing Rodrigo De Paul. It seems that the former Racing, who received several offers from other teams such as Leeds United, the English would put 30 million euros on the table to get him out of Udinese, where he has a contract until 2024.

"The top teams are missing someone with his characteristics. I hope it does not happen (his departure) but if someone signs him next summer he will take his team to the next level", said Pasquale Marino, sports director of the Italian cast.

Rodrigo De Paul's career

Rodrigo De Paul, emerged from the lower ranks of Racing, arrived at Valencia in 2014 and his performances were not as expected by the Spanish club. After a brief assignment at the Academia, in 2016 he definitively signed for Udinese, who paid 3 million euros for his pass. With the passing of the seasons, he became very important in the team and today he is a key piece. In the 18-19 season he scored nine goals and provided seven assists, while in the current season he has six goals and seven passes-goals in 29 games played. In addition, since his debut in October 2018, he is a permanent fixture for Lionel Scaloni in the Argentine National Team.

This's how Rodrigo De Paul plays


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