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"Atlético Madrid played as a team in relegation zone"

Atlético Madrid lost 2-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and criticism was not long in coming.
viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021 · 14:27

Atlético Madrid was eliminated from the UEFA Champions League at the hands of Chelsea. A 3-0 aggregate sealed the victory for the English team and a place in the quarterfinals. Amid the different opinions and analyzes, a former Chelsea player Joe Cole, now working as a sportscaster on BT Sport, made a harsh criticism of Simeone's team that did not go unnoticed.

"It seems like a team from the relegation zone. It was as if Chelsea were facing a team from the Championship or a team from the relegation zone of the Premier League," said Cole for said media. “There were a couple of half chances, but it wasn't a game. At halftime I said this is as if Chelsea were playing against, without disrespect, a team from the Championship or a team from the lower zone of the Premier League such as Fulham or West Bromwich" he confessed.

Cole not only questioned the performance of the mattress team, but also the level of Spanish football: "If this is the best that LaLiga has to offer, then it must be in trouble. Atlético seemed a shadow of itself. I thought it would be difficult without N'Golo Kante, but Chelsea just dominated the whole game. They controlled the possession and the game at all times", assured the former player.

His speech closed with the celebration of the players of the English team: "It was a beautiful ending to a perfect match for Chelsea as Atlético was not even close to hurting Chelsea tonight." For its part, the Spanish club remains at the top of the competition and, in the voice of Simeone, he affirmed that the victory was more than deserved: “We have to accept it, there was growth, we have a promising future and an important present. It is a day of learning", explained.

Thomas Tuchel publicly congratulated his own players

For his part, the Blues manager, Thomas Tuchel, highlighted the quality and dedication of his players: "Effort and intensity in the first leg and today, we lacked important players and those who entered did very well. The injured were here, support from the stands. I'm very happy, sometimes we were brilliant with the ball but we didn't stop the intensity with the ball. It is a deserved victory throughout the tie and I am very happy for my players", concluded.


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