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Luis Suárez vs Diego Simeone: the tense duel in the Champions League

The Argentinean coach and the Uruguayan striker lived a moment of tension
miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2021 · 21:35

Atlético de Madrid failed to reverse the round of 16 tie and was eliminated from the Champions League after being overtaken by Chelsea. However, almost 15 minutes after the second half began, Diego Simeone decided to replace Luis Suárez and when the Uruguayan left and passed by the Argentine's side, no one looked at each other.

In addition, the Pistolero accumulates 25 unmarked away games in the Champions League, since the last time he had achieved it was against Rome, in September 2015, when he was still wearing the colors of Barcelona. In addition, since his arrival at Atlético de Madrid - in La Liga he has scored 18 goals and is second, behind Lionel Messi, among the scorers - he has not yet been able to score in the most important tournament on the European continent.

Once the match against Chelsea concluded, Diego Simeone spoke to the press and did not avoid mentioning the attitude with which the Uruguayan striker left the field, since once the change took place, neither of them made eye contact. . "I was watching the game. Normal that any player who comes out can be angry."

Luis Suárez and Diego Simeone had a moment of tension

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Simeone does not find the return to the drop in his team's performance and will seek to resume the path of victories: outside the most important tournament in Europe and although he still leads the Spanish League, Barcelona appears behind only four points when they remain eleven disputed dates.

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