These soccer giants could not face New York Knicks’s total value

The NBA giants are ranked as the most expensive of all teams in the basketball League on our way ahead of soccer's biggest names.
domingo, 21 de febrero de 2021 · 04:00

NBA and soccer are extremely popular but one of them dominates United States and the other one prevails in the rest of the globe. We use to like soccer but we still keep a huge respect for basketball which is one of the greatest sports in the world. But once again as we did many times here in ElFutbolero, we will get in a discussion. A friendly one, of course.

According for Forbes, New York Knicks are at the top of the list, with a reported value of $5 billion. They are the most valuable team in NBA. As for popularity, NBA can struggle a bit if we move outside of United States compared to soccer, but inside the country, it has a lot of power in terms of fans and the big spirit they have in their respective cities.


The Knicks are extremely popular and are one of the most legendary teams ever NBA but if we compare them to legendary soccer clubs vay could look even bigger face to face. We will now have a look at the Knicks compared to the biggest soccer clubs in the world and the abbey small difference in terms of market value between them. To give you an idea, without spoiling too much the New York basketball icons are worth more than the top for soccer demons in the world.

For example, we could say the most expensive club in the world is Manchester City, considering its squad’s total value is $1.36 million. In second place, Liverpool FC, with $1.28 billion. Also, PSG completes the podium being $1.02 billion. $3.66 billion all together, and if we add the fourth placed Bayern Munich, valued in $1.003 billion, we’d still be in $4.66 billion. Nowhere near.

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