Lewis Hamilton vs Neymar: whose luxury car collection is worth the most?

Besides of talented, they are two of the highest paid athletes and between both they have spent nearly $17 million on cars.
sábado, 20 de febrero de 2021 · 15:09

Sport has been giving money to their athletes as never in history during the last years. The globalization, the boom of the TV and other conditioning factors were the key for this change that gave millions to the protagonists of every event played or made through all over the world.

Neymar and Lewis Hamilton are definitely two of the highest paid sportsmen on Planet Earth. And all the fortune they have earned because of their talent and from sponsorships and endorsements can be seen in the luxurious lives they lead. A clear example of this is the different collections of valuable cars they own, in which both have spent millions of dollars, having two of the best contracts ever and being two of the most profitable players on social media.

Neymar's car collection worths around $1.180.000.

The Brazilian star's car collection costs around $1.180.000 and it's composed of the following variety: Ferrari 458 Italia ($200.000), Maserati MC12 ($540.000), Audi R8 and Audi RS7 ($150.000 each), Audi Q7 ($65.000), Volkswagen Touareg ($57.000) and a Porsche Panamera Turbo ($15.000).

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton, who have just renewed his contract with Mercedes-Benz and will keep competing in Formula 1 another year, has an incredible collection worth $15 million, including a Shelby Cobra 427, a Ferrari Aperta, a McLaren P1, a Zonda 760LH and a McLaren F1. Much more expensive than Neymar's.

Lewis Hamilon and one of his cars. (Credit: YouTube)

Leading the list of vehicles, we found Floyd Mayweather, the American professional boxing promoter and former boxer who was more than 15 high valuated cars that add the fortune of $20 million. Aside from the Bugattis, the Rolls-Royce, the Ferraris and the Lamborghini's we can find also a private jet.

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