Barcelona rejected over $300 million for these three stars

The Spanish club has rejected offers that rise up to that figure for some of their best players, won’t they regret if they can’t sign an extension with Lionel Messi?
sábado, 20 de febrero de 2021 · 20:00

Barcelona has suffered some financial struggles in the last season: losing Luis Suárez to Atlético de Madrid and now seeing him at the top of the table is a shock. So was 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich in the las UEFA Champions League. But despite that, they rejected three offers that represent over $300 million in earnings they refused.

The first €40 million, or $48.4 million, were from Bayern Munich. After the massive win in Lisbon in August, they wanted to buy Pedri. The board kept him in the club, and given his recent performances, they seem to be right. First, we’ll say the information comes fro Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the sport pages of El Mundo, who recently posted Lionel Messi’s contract figures, leading to a world-wide scandal.

Ansu Fati

Then, another of the young talents, the recently arrived Francisco Trincao. The Portuguese winger. Possibly, in part, because of having the same agent as Cristiano Ronaldo. Him, Jorge Mendes, has reportedly told the club that several English teams were willing to pay €60 million ($72.6 million) to sign him. Could he have lasted just six months in Barcelona?

Last, but not least, the one who is tipped to be the new Lionel Messi. Bissau-Guinean-born Ansu Fati, the new wonderkid, was also allegedly pretended by some clubs. Mundo Deportivo states Manchester United had offered $181 for his transfer. Doing the math, we are talking about $302.5 million the club has rejected for those three offers.

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