Lionel Messi

Manchester City wants to spend this fortune for Lionel Messi

The English club is organizing its finances to make the biggest shock ever in the transfer market and sign the Argentinian legend.
viernes, 19 de febrero de 2021 · 20:00

Manchester City wants to shock the world in the upcoming transfer market. Their big dream is Erling Haaland, but the biggest one was born overseas: Lionel Messi. The Argentinian is expiring his contract with Barcelona at the end of the season, but despite his love for the city, the Manchester blues will not let him go so easily.

Who can Messi find in Manchester? Two good friends: coach Pep Guardiola and his national team partner Sergio Agüero. He has won countless titles with the Spaniard, and a Youth World Cup and the Olympic Games with the striker. Two people who would welcome him onboard in case he desires to depart.

Messi looking for a light from heaven.

Now, what does Manchester City need to make Messi interested? Possibly it’s not just money. Not only Messi, but his family also feels Barcelona like home, particularly his three sons Ciro, Thiago and Mateo, who were born there. But perhaps a good contract can make him consider the option: that’s the first step the English club has already taken.

At the end of the 2019-2020 season, Messi was in conflict and Barcelona ordered that any interested team would have to pay an astronomical release clause of $846 million. According to The Sun, Manchester City will now offer him $600 million for two years with an option to extend it for a third season, plus to other years in New York City FC at the MLS.

A lot, huh? Well, it could have been even higher

That’s reportedly even lower (yes, lower) than the offer the English club would have made to him in case of playing the release clause some months ago. Now he could arrive as a free agent. Can you imagine Lionel Messi himself playing at home in the Yankees Stadium?


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