Hugo Sanchez is ashamed of exploding after not being named Cruz Azul manager

The former striker apologized by his upset reaction against Cruz Azul sports director after he accused him of lying.
jueves, 7 de enero de 2021 · 05:00

Juan Reynoso is the new Cruz Azul manager, being appointed just before the beginning of Guard1anes 2021. But before his hiring there was a lot of drama about who was going to be the successor of Robert Siboldi. It started with Matias Almeyda, and then there was a conflict with Hugo Sanchez that lasted until yesterday.

That is because the former striker was in advanced talks with Jaime Ordiales, sports director of the club, and Sanchez claimed to been offered a 50% cut in the budget at the last minute. Ordiales said that Sanchez was talking nonsense, and the former Real Madrid striker reacted ashamed.

Sanchez told in the ESPN TV show Futbol Picante that maybe he misinterpreted what Ordiales wanted to say to him. Anyway, Juan Reynoso was the appointed one after the board did not approve the ideas that the Mexico international had for the team, regardless the conflict with Ordiales.

Anyway, Sanchez said he will not close his doors to Cruz Azul nor any other Liga MX team. He is willing to hear offers to go back to coaching after his last experience with Pachuca in 2012. Hugo told that the pandemic made him change his mind about his coaching retirement and he wants to give it another try.

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