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Luis Suarez about to close his signing to Atlético de Madrid. What is missing for it to happen?

The Uruguayan striker who left Barcelona would have everything ready to join the team led by Argentine Diego Simeone.
lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2020 · 11:50

After several twists and turns with FC Barcelona to define his situation, Luis Suarez finally managed to leave. As a free agent, the Uruguayan could negotiate with whoever he wanted and when everything seemed that he was going to close with Juventus of Italy, he would finally close with Atlético de Madrid.

According to the Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, Luis Suarez and Atlético de Madrid have already closed the incorporation. But for that to happen, Diego Costa has to leave. The forward, who has a contract worth around $ 8 million, would be very close to going to Turkish football and giving air to Atlético's economy to sign Luis Suarez.

Juventus, which was to be the destiny of Luis Suarez, finally seems to be the destiny of another of Atlético de Madrid's forwards, Alvaro Morata. The Spanish would have everything defined for hiring the Madrid, which is to the liking of Andrea Pirlo. For Morata this option is the ideal one and for Atlético it is also ideal, since if Diego Costa cannot be sold, the salary space to hire Luis Suarez would be fulfilled with the departure of the Spanish.


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