Raul Jimenez

Wolverhampton fans are preparing a tribute for Raul Jimenez and elected a banner to cheer him

Raul Jimenez is already a Wolves legend and fans want to tribute him and send best wishes with a banner in the stands elected by them. Here is the winner of the poll.
sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2020 · 13:55

After his serious skull injury, Wolverhampton fans want to cheer Raúl Jiménez. They decided to send the club a pitch-length banner, and it will be put in the stands next Saturday, for the match against Aston Villa. Fans led the initiative and the club asked them to send their designs and made a poll where fans chose the best.

27 designs were listed, and votings have just closed. The winner was the banner made by the artist Louise Cobbold. Her banner will be present at Molineux for the next Wolves match. She is an artist who made a lot of paintings about soccer, and her work can be seen in her Twitter account @louisecobbold79.

This banner says “Fuerza Raul” and has pictures of him celebrating alone and with his teammates, including that one of the striker using a mask emulating the wrestler Sin Cara. At a side, you can see a little Wolverhampton badge and a little Mexican flag. And on background, two wolves can be seen, remembering the nickname of the institution.

Fans had promoted the campaign to raise funds for the banner with the hashtag #9forRJ9 and had an initial goal of 5,000 pounds. But they collected more than 20,000 pounds, with the rest going to charity. This gesture of love from fans to the Mexican star is their way to send him their wishes.

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