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Vinicius saves Zinedine Zidane and unleashes a scandal in the Real Madrid locker room for this reason

The Brazilian saved the French coach, who was near to be fired, and the locker room explodes.
sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2020 · 14:10

Real Madrid is facing one of the hardest moments during the last years. The Galacticos achieved to be one of the best sides in Europe during the past decades, winning three consecutive Champions League titles. But those golden times seem to have an end now.

Zinedine Zidane is near to be fired, after this tremendous moment in which his team has chances of not qualifying to the next round of the UCL. Previously, they also lost an important match against Deportivo Alavés 1-2. Those defeats made president Florentino Pérez think in his dismissal.

The key player that appeared to improve this bad moment is Vinicius. The Brazilian received the chance from the coach and helped his team achieve a very important win against Sevilla. It could have been the last match from Zidane in front of the team if he lost, but Vini helped him to continue.

The locker room didn’t receive very well the news from the victory, despite they thought it was needed. Many players were expecting to the era of Zidane end, as the relationship with him has not been the best one during the past months. Vinicius has now scored three goals in 10 matches and Real Madrid had never lost when him as his compatriot Rodrygo started together.

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