It is revealed how much Chivas de Guadalajara would offer Henry Martin to betray Club America

Chivas de Guadalajara is looking for a forward for next Liga MX year and could steal Henry Martin from Club America.
viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020 · 07:00

Chivas de Guadalajara won the first game of the quarterfinals against Club America with several players who are generally not in the starting team. This is due to the constant injuries of his forwards and that is why Vucetich would already be thinking about Henry Martin to empower Chivas de Guadalajara in the next year of Liga MX.

Club America will not let it go easy and they know they have a great player on their roster. The recent call to the Mexican team gives it an increase in value and that Chivas de Guadalajara must know. It would be a great betrayal by Henry Martin but it all depends on the money that Chivas offers him and if Club America offers him a higher salary.

At the moment there is a rumor that Chivas de Guadalajara would be willing to pay almost $ 5 million for the Club America forward. Although it has a market value of $ 3 million according to Transfermarket, Chivas knows that it has to offer more money to be able to keep it. Club America is not going to make things easy for you.

If Chivas de Guadalajara's interest in Henry Martin is confirmed, it would be one of the best transfers in recent years. Club America's betrayal of Chivas is not seen every day but Henry Martin would agree to do so to have an increase in his salary. The next game on Saturday will be key to defining the future of Henry Martin.

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