Pele's secret to generate more than $100 million away from the world of soccer

While Pele's name and image are pure marketing, the Brazilian made his fortune in another way far away from football.
jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2020 · 23:30

Pele is one of the best players in the history of soccer. With three FIFA World Cups and several Brazilian tournaments, he became a legend of the sport. According to the records, Pele scored more than 1000 goals throughout his entire career, making him one of the all-time top scorers. In his time as a player, he did not make that much money but he did once he retired.

The theme around Pele is that his name has already become a brand. Anything that goes by the name Pele became pure marketing and that's why I made a few million from his image and name. But that's not the real secret from where Pele got all the profits for today having more than $ 100 million of net worth.

Pele like many footballers invested in real estate and hence they have great income and great assets. Pele started buying real estate in Brazil but then when he went to play at New York Cosmos he started buying real estate in New York. The first one that was bought was a mansion in the Hamptons that at the time paid $ 100,000 and then he sold it for nearly $ 4 million.

Just as Pele was one of the most successful athletes in what he did, he was also a great businessman outside of any stadium. Today Pele, at 80 years old, enjoys his old age quietly surrounded by his family and friends without having to worry about his finances. Unlike other Brazilian idols, Pele did know how to project his life.

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