Matías Almeyda

Matías Almeyda revealed the decision by which he refused to leave MLS

The Argentinian head coach refused a very important chance in his career for this reason.
martes, 9 de febrero de 2021 · 09:00

Matías Almeyda is one of the best Argentinian head coaches in the entire world. The trainer has recently joined the MLS to manage San José Earthquakes, after leaving Chivas as an idol for his work in the Liga MX side. Such is the work he is doing, that he has received very important offers from international clubs and national teams.

The last offer that Almeyda received was one from Chile, that wanted him as the head coach of the national team after the departure of Reinaldo Rueda. Surprisingly, Almeyda couldn’t leave, despite, he confessed, it was his wish to do so. The reason is that there is a clause in his contract that makes the club or national team wanting to signing him paying a fortune.

Almeyda was very upset after knowing that Chile couldn’t afford nowadays the clause that SJ Earthquakes had set to him. The Argentinian will then continue being the manager of the MLS side, and he revealed that he has arranged a new condition regarding that clause in case a similar offer appears.

Matías Almeyda at San José Earthquakes.

The managerial career of Almeyda started in River Plate, the club of his life that he started working at after retiring as a pro player. He then moved to CA Banfield and, in 2015, had the chance to join Chivas. After three years at the Mexican side, he moved to the MLS.