He played in Manchester United and wants to join David Beckham at Inter Miami

After a long spell in the English Premier League he wants to move across the Atlantic Ocean and have a chance in the MLS.
domingo, 7 de febrero de 2021 · 12:45

Lots of careers can have a last chance in soccer. From time to time, we see players who have long periods in a club, and in the end of their professional lives, they look for a move to another place. Most of the times, the clubs know how to recognize their contribution of many season defending their colors, and let them go. This is the story of a player who wants to move to MLS and join David Beckham by signing for Inter Miami, after a long spell in the English Premier League from 2006 to 2021.

His side was promoted to Premier League for 2008-2009 season and lasted there until 2017-2018, in which they got relegated to the Championship. Their highlight came in 2010-2011 season. They reached the FA Cup final and earned a spot in 2011-2012 UEFA Europa League, which saw them go through the group stage and lose in the Round of 32.

David is waiting.

Born in 1987, Ryan Shawcross made his debut for Manchester United in October 2006 playing against Crewe Alexandra. After that, he moved on loan to Belgian Pro Liga’s Royal Antwerp. Then, he moved to his lifetime club: Stoke City. There, he has played over 350 matches along 14 years.

Ryan Shawcross (Photo: Mike Egerton)

Recently, Stoke City coach Michael O’Neill recognized there is “an ongoing situation” with him, who was left out of the squad for the last match. He has also admitted that there is an interest from MLS, and should the player want to leave, the club must recognize his 14-year contribution and let him go.