LA Galaxy wants to sign a star who played with Javier Hernández

After a very difficult season, the Californian side wants to bring an old new face into the team that would give a massive step ahead.
jueves, 11 de febrero de 2021 · 23:45

Javier Hernández has been one of the most remarkable players in LA Galaxy since his arrival in early 2020. The Mexican star has been an emblem in MLS, and for sure, fans would like him to stay for a long time. But he is not the only well-loved player in California, and now, the crowd could be happy to celebrate again.

Why are we saying this? Because of good news that could come from the transfer market. The club has had a player who knows Hernández very well after sharing a whole season, and he could be ready to wear the white and blue jersey very soon. He was resuming training in his country and suddenly, his agent’s phone rang again.

Javier Hernández could have a good friend back.

After an 18-month-loan in the club, Argentinian winger Cristian Pavón had to return to his country two-times reigning champions Boca Juniors. The 25-year-old player’s loan agreement included a $20 million buyout clause for a permanent deal. Initially, the Californian team refused to pay that much a month ago.

Surprisingly, after LA Galaxy retired from the negotiations with the Argentinian club a month ago, they decided to try again now, and their offer was much more convincing. Many local journalists reported Boca Juniors’ board has accepted a $10 million offer from LA Galaxy to buy 50% of Pavón’s rights. The transfer seems highly likely to be agreed before the weekend.