A national team wants to hire Matías Almeyda: they could offer this fortune to take him off San José Earthquakes

A strong country is looking for a new manager and the Argentinian could be the man for the job. However, negotiations must go on, and money must be on the table.
miércoles, 27 de enero de 2021 · 18:20

One of the particularly good international careers that MLS coaches have is found on San Jose EarthquakesMatías Almeyda. The Argentinian had the privilege of playing in two World Cups (1998 and 2002) with the national team of his country and has achieved particularly good results in his life on the bench. Now another country is after him.

Now Almeyda is being chased by this national team, but before taking on the new role there will be negotiations between him, the Federation, and possibly his current team. And considering it is MLS and a national team numbers will not be low for sure.

Matías Almeyda started his coaching career in River Plate, winning the Second Division title in 2012.

It is reported that the soccer Federation of Chile once to bring Almeyda on board for the national team replacing Colombia's Reinaldo Rueda, who took the equal role in his own country replacing former Real Madrid’s Carlos Queiroz. It seems they are looking for new glory after the successful exiting generation that won the Copa América in 2015 and 2016. Chile's next fixture is on March 25 hosting Paraguay for the World Cup qualifiers.

However there is a very important salary to pay to the Argentinian to become the new coach in Chile. It was reported a few months ago that his contract with San José Earthquakes was reporting him $1.5 million a year. Is this affordable for Chile? Their golden years with Alexis Sánchez, Arturo Vidal, Mauricio Isla, Eduardo Vargas and Gary Medel are finishing. It was reported Rueda was earning $180,000 per month plus special milestones. That equals $2.16 million.