While Javier Hernandez earns millions and spends on video games, check out what Julian Araujo did with his first LA Galaxy salary

The young player who must decide between the Mexican team and the USMNT does not forget his roots and watches his spectacular action that gives Chicharito Hernandez a display of humility.
miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2020 · 22:40

Many Mexican families immigrate to the United States in search of a better quality of life. That is the case of Julian Araujo's family who decided to go to the United States despite not knowing the language and being alone. When humility is inherited and effort prevails, when someone grown up those things are not forgotten, you can ask Araujo abou it.

Many players forget where they came from when they achieve fame, but that did not happen to Araujo. The young LA Galaxy player is still in the middle of a fight between the Mexican team and the USMNT to see where he will play internationally. But that is not the most important achievement for him: being able to give back a little of what his parents and his community did for him is as important as playing a World Cup.

For these same reasons, Araujo sends a clear implicit message to Chichairto Hernandez's lack of humility today. While the LA Galaxy forward spends the money on video games and on his life coach Dreyfus, Araujo feeds his local farmers. When he signed the contract with the LA Galaxy he knew he had to do something for them.

Today Araujo is one of the players with the greatest future potential in MLS and that makes his entire community proud. Araujo is well loved not only for the goals he scores but because off the pitch he is still involved with his family and his community. It is an example of life and we have to applaud what this player does for his community.