He was called the “New Maradona”, failed as a footballer and ended up working in the MLS

In Argentina they called him the new Maradona but he never became what they expected and today he makes a living in large part thanks to MLS.
viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020 · 09:01

Carrying the label of being the new Diego Maradona should not be easy for any player, especially if you were born in Argentina. That is what happened to this young player who was believed to be the new Maradona and ended up knocking on club doors to play. Finally I end up linked to football but in a very different way.

Carlos Marinelli started playing soccer at Boca Juniors when, at the age of 15, they started calling him the new Maradona. His great dexterity with the ball and his great skill made Marinelli looks like the recently deceased Diego Maradona. At the age of 19 he went on to play for Inlgaterra but from there his injuries complicated his career and he never succeeded again.

After several years going through some teams in Italy, Canada, Portugal or Hungary, Marinelli ended up in Peru where a few years later he became a player representative. This is where his life connects with Pedro Gallese, current Orlando City SC player. From there he stopped being the new Maradona to have to find or sell Maradona-like players.

He surely learned the lesson that you don't have to compare young players so as not to put that extra pressure on them of having to match someone. Luckily for Marinelli, after his frustrated passage through professional football, he found another passion in being a representative to remain linked to football. Today he is close to the MLS thanks to Gallese being one of his employers.