The reasons why Real Salt Lake is more important than is believed in the MLS and the USMNT

Real Salt Lake does not find a buyer and the MLS could take over but there are reasons that show that it is a great club for the future of the league and the USMNT.
miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2020 · 11:22

Delly Loy Hansen got into trouble since he came out against the BlackLiveMatters movement and as he had some accusations against him for discrimination. From there, the MLS invited the owner of Real Salt Lake to sell the club and go out from the organization. The problem is that today no buyer appears and the MLS gave him time until January to find someone to buy it and if not, the league itself will take over the sale process.

This sale is of the utmost importance since in addition to including Real Salt Lake from MLS, it includes Utah Royals FC from NWSL and Real Monarchs from USL. That is why this sale is very important for the future of all the teams in their leagues. Real Salt Lake didn't have a great MLS regular season and was out of the playoffs but they have a great academy that is paying off in the USMNT.

USMNT beat Panama 6-2 and two players who had a very good game were Richie Ledezma and Sebastian Soto. These two players emerged from the Real Salt Lake academy and are part of the great promising future of the USMNT. The importance of acadamias for the USMNT and the MLS is very important and Real Salt Lake has worked very well in that area.

Real Salt Lake fans are very concerned that their team will lose their MLS spot and be moved out of town. The stadium is also owned by Real Salt Lake and is very important to the leaders of MLS. Not all teams in MLS have their own stadium so Real Salt Lake has an advantage there. They will be decisive weeks for the future of Real Salt Lake but without a doubt it is a team that must continue fighting to return to its glory days. From the academies to the Real Salt Lake first team they want to continue in their city and make their fans happy.