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Tecatito Corona is wanted by three greats of Europe

The last season of Jesús, Tecatito, Corona was really very good, and his name is beginning to sound in great teams in Europe.

Jesús Corona
Jesús Corona

For many years, the Mexican Jesús Corona became a benchmark for Porto and also for the Mexican National Team, where he participated in the last Gold Cup. Over time, the Mexican fans had asked for an opportunity for the player in another larger team, but it had not happened. The rumors only made his followers illusions, as he was allegedly wanted by teams such as Roma or Inter in the past.

Now, his destiny would be in a more competitive league than the Portuguese one and three possibilities are already pregnant, all in different countries: Spain, Italy and England. As it had transpired, Jesús 'Tecatito' Corona would already have everything agreed to play with Sevilla, a team that will play in the next Champions League. In detail, the Spanish team would pay a figure of around 12 million euros for their letter, although there is nothing official.

However, the competition did not take long to appear, and it is estimated that Milan wants him to play in Serie A, starting from the next tournament. The truth is that the Mexican obtained his passport as a European citizen, and that makes him a key piece to take into account, since he no longer occupies a place as a foreigner.

From behind, and with much less intensity, Tottenham runs, and their desire to take the player to the Premier League. However, and as attractive as this may be for the footballer, to date there have only been polls and it is an idea that loses strength as the days go by. However, it only remains to wait.

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