CONCACAF Champions League

How did the teams that remain in the CONCACAF Champions League played in MLS is Back Tournament?

The MLS is Back Tournament final is near, and so fans are wondering which MLS team in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals comes the strongest?
viernes, 7 de agosto de 2020 · 15:38

MLS is Back Tournament will culminate in a few days, with the final between Portland Timbers and Orlando City Soccer Club. For this reason, it is necessary to review this tournament and know the current situation of the MLS teams that play the CONCACAF Champions League 2020. The teams that are still standing in the continental competition are Los Angeles Football Club, Atlanta United Football Club, New York City Football Club, and Montreal Impact.

In the case of Atlanta United Football Club, they had the worst participation of the four previously mentioned teams in MLS is Back Tournament, finishing last in their group with zero points. On the other hand, Montreal Impact was third in its group and ranked in the group of the best third. However, in the round of 16, he was eliminated against one of the finalists, Orlando City Soccer Club.

New York City Football Club lived similar to Montreal Impact, ranking among the best third parties and being eliminated by one of the finalists. In this case, it was in the quarterfinals against the Portland Timbers. Finally, Los Angeles Football Club ranked second within its group, qualifying for knockout phases and experiencing the same as New York City Football Club, being eliminated in the quarterfinals, but this time by Orlando City Soccer Club.

MLS is Back Tournament

Based on this analysis, with the exception of Atlanta City Football Club, a team that performed poorly in the MLS is Back Tournament, New York City Football Club, Los Angeles Football Club, and Montreal Impact were eliminated by current MLS is Back finalists. This tournament will be necessary for the preparation of the teams returning to the 2020 MLS season.