CONCACAF Champions League

Why does the CONCACAF Champions League not announce a return date?

The return of several tournaments to activity around the world leaves CONCACAF Champions League fans in doubt.
jueves, 6 de agosto de 2020 · 02:03

The football world was affected by the pandemic for several months; however, several countries are resuming activities, just as major tournaments return to end their 2020 season, such as the example of the UEFA Champions League. It is for this reason that many soccer fans wonder, when does the CONCACAF Champions League return?

According to various reports, CONCACAF is still analyzing a possible return date, taking into account new regulations and precautionary measures. However, this decision does not depend solely on CONCACAF. Confederation President Víctor Montagliani commented that FIFA needs to confirm the current status of the FIFA Club World Cup.

Once this is defined, according to the CONCACAF president, it can be determined when the CONCACAF Champions League concludes. Finally, he commented that the same thing as the UEFA Champions League and MLS is Back Tournament is being studied, playing in the same venue for the remainder of the tournament.

Many fans expect that the return date of this important tournament will be confirmed in the coming days. Keep in mind that in the MLS is Back Tournament, the qualifier for the 2021 CONCACAF Champions League season is close to being determined.