Carlos Vela

The curse that haunts Carlos Vela and for which the entire Liga MX laughs at him and calls him a loser

The Mexican faces an incredible curse that he can’t overcome and because of which he is being troubled.
miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2020 · 16:10

Carlos Vela is one of the greatest Mexican soccer players from the last decades. Almost nobody is able to discuss that, after such a trajectory that he had, playing for important teams as Arsenal, Real Sociedad or Celta de Vigo. His talent, his conditions and his capacity are not questioned any longer.

But at his 31 years old there is a strange haunt with the Mexican idol that worries him and make that his rivals make fun of him. A couple of nights ago, Los Angeles FC was defeated by Tigres UANL in the Concacaf Champions League final 2-1 and couldn’t gain their first title on their history.

With Vela on the field, many persons realized about the haunt that the attacker has and that he cannot delete. In all the clubs he played, the no. 10 has only won a single title: the Community’ Shield on 2019 for the best team on the regular season of the MLS.

Despite that, Vela couldn’t achieve more titles in his career playing for clubs. In Mexico national team he won some, as the Gold Cup and Concacaf Cup, and as well with individual distinctions, but after all he wasn’t able to have an important achievement at a club. Liga MX fans and his historical rivals make fun of his condition for this reason.